Into the Woods…

It was a beautiful day to go down to the woods. We talked about how different the woods look now in the Spring. The trees and plants have grown a lot; the grass is very tall and the trees are full of leaves and blossom, giving us shelter and shade.

We went looking for minibeasts and found ants, woodlice, bees, snails and a slug. We also saw spider webs. We talked about being careful when we find them and why these creatures are important to us.

We also discovered this little creature who flew in to meet us…do you know what it might be?

The children found dandelions and talked about when the flower petals turn into seeds and are called ‘clocks’ which then blow away to new soil and grow into flowers again. We blew them and made a wish…

Our topic this term has been ‘Growth’ and one of the stories we have enjoyed is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have imagined what it would be like to climb up a giant beanstalk and what we might find at the top and so whilst at the woods we planted our very own magic beans! The children talked about how we can look after our bean plants, making sure they have water and sun. We wonder how tall they will grow…?

The giant’s chair was found…do you think he will come looking for it?

The children decided to go on a gruffalo hunt…they’ve seen something…what have they found?!

Some clues…a gruffalo footprint and where “he has broken a twig with his purple prickles” whilst rushing past for the mouse, the owl’s feathers “as he swoops down for the mouse” and where the snake has slithered past and left a print…

We enjoyed writing our names in the ground…

We went looking for fairies in the woods at the bottom of the trees where the doors to their homes might be.

We talked about what they might look like…

We loved balancing, climbing and jumping off, landing on both our feet. We were careful to take turns and wait for someone to finish before we had a go.

There was a lot of cooking going on in our dens and kitchens making all kinds of delicious food. We collected what we needed, measured it, poured and stirred. We made sure not to cook our food for just the right time and that it did not get too hot before sharing it with our friends.

There was music…playing different beats on the drum.

We invited our friends into our dens, getting comfy and enjoying each other’s company…

When it was time to go everyone came running at the call – “Back to base camp!” and we talked about all the wonderful things we had seen and done.

What a fantastic time we all had in the woods!

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Calcroft

Sports Day Stars!

The children had a fantastic day cheering each other on and joining in the fun with their friends.

They were super fast in the running race….. on your marks…!

Easy does it in the egg and spoon race….

…and tackling the obstacle race with determination…!

At the end of a great day, everyone was very excited to receive their medal and Sports Day certificate.

Well done Sports Superstars! What an amazing Sports Day!

🌟We are all so very proud of you! 🏆

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Calcroft

More Super Stories!

We have all settled well into being back at school and enjoyed celebrating our love of stories together with a special ‘World Book Day 2.’ We love reading and listening to stories and we came to school in lots of fantastic outfits that made us think all about our favourite books and story characters. Can you spot your favourite character?

We enjoyed retelling stories, using music and props and acting them out with our friends…

We designed some beautiful outfits for our favourite storybook princesses…

We worked hard solving some story puzzles using our good thinking skills…

Then to finish the day we watched a special performance of the magical ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

We loved our day full of stories and can’t wait to enjoy more stories together.

Have a wonderful Easter! 🥚🐣🐥🐣🥚

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Atkins, Miss Calcroft and Mrs Farrington

Super Stories!

Thank you for the brilliant pictures you sent us on World Book Day, it was lovely to see you all celebrating stories at home. We really enjoyed hearing all about your favourite books and characters and seeing all the fantastic story activities you thought of. Mark was visited by the elves who helped the shoemaker and Michael came up with a fantastic idea for his own marvellous hat, just like Millie!

I think we all agree stories really are super!

We can’t wait to see you all back in school and are really looking forward to sharing stories together again.

See you soon,

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Atkins and Miss Calcroft

Busy times!

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all ready for an exciting new half term!

We have been really pleased to see all the activities you have been doing at home – you have all been so busy and sent us lots of pictures of some absolutely amazing work! We hope you have been enjoying your activities on SeeSaw too.

We have been busy here as well, and thought we would show you some of the creative additions we have added around school – see if you can work out where they are!

We have built, painted and collaged a huge Gingerbread Man but when we had finished him he ran away as fast as he could ……… we couldn’t catch him! Where did he hide?

After the Gingerbread Man ran away we decided that we would like to make some puppets for a different traditional tale. We used the Gingerbread Cottage and pretended it was the house of the Three Bears. We drew Goldilocks and pictures of the Three Bears and then we created bowls of porridge, chairs and beds in three different sizes. We added sticks to make them into puppets, and have really enjoyed acting out the story. We have even learned a brilliant song about Goldilocks – the link for this song is in the home learning section of our Reception Class page so you can learn it too!

Lastly, we added lots of colour to our Maths board. We created a magnificent Number Bond rainbow. It helps us remember what numbers added together make 10.

To use it, you choose a rainbow colour and follow it from end to end, you will find the numbers always add up to 10. It’s so clever! We love it.

You are all working so hard and know you will enjoy seeing what your friends have been doing while they are at home…

Amelia has been busy at home making a yummy treat for her and her mummy! She has been really concentrating on a huge jigsaw puzzle and her number work, as well as having fun outdoors, balancing on her scooter and playing in the park. Amelia has also been helping take care of her dog, very responsible, well done Amelia! ✨🌟✨

Archie has been learning about being responsible too and has been thinking about our planet and how we need to look after it. Well done Archie! ✨🌟✨

Archie has also been working hard practising his reading, his pencil control and thinking carefully about blending sounds. He has been having fun riding his bicycle and has collected natural objects while out on a walk to make pictures with. Good work Archie! ✨🌟✨

Jenson has been enjoying working on the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ he especially loved making a Jenson sized gingerbread man! He has done some super writing, made some wonderful stick puppets to help retell the story and built a fantastic bridge to help save the Gingerbread Man from getting eaten by the fox! Well done Jenson! ✨🌟✨

Theo has been working hard and has retold an alternative version of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using his toys at home. Great work Theo! ✨🌟✨

Jude has been ever so busy, painting, building a volcano for his dinosaurs and practising his pencil control, listening carefully for sounds and thinking about numbers. Super work Jude! ✨🌟✨

Layla’s family are spending every Friday afternoon baking together. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. They have made cakes, brownies and even some bread rolls! Great baking Layla! ✨🌟✨

Lola has been having lots of fun thinking about ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ She has been thinking about all the characters in the story, doing some wonderful writing and making stick puppets. She has made her own basket full of delicious goodies to take to Granny and has been acting out the story with a little help from her big sister. Brilliant work Lola! ✨🌟✨

Maisie has been ever so busy, she has been doing lots of work to practise her pencil control. She has drawn pictures of the Three Little Pigs and their houses. She has drawn a self portrait and has been learning how to trace. She has been thinking carefully about sounds she can hear in words and has made a healthy fruit salad snack. Well done Maisie! ✨🌟✨

Melissa has been a busy bee, practising her pencil control and thinking carefully about sounds and numbers. She has been keeping fit indoors and out, cooking and helping look after her cat. Well done Melissa! ✨🌟✨

Mark has been working hard, enjoying lots of different activities. He has used his number blocks to help solve his maths problems, has been practising his pencil control and listening carefully for sounds. Mark has been thinking about special days too, he made a dragon mask for Chinese New Year and a beautiful heart to give to his Nanny for Valentine’s day. Mark also worked virtually with his cousin to think all about being responsible and with his mummy to think about what makes him happy. As it’s really important to think about our mental health and how to stay happy inside and out. Super work Mark! ✨🌟✨

Lucie has been busy teaching her family all about sounds, reading stories and practising her counting and adding. She’s had fun being creative and has enjoyed joining in with Cosmic Yoga sessions. Well done Lucie! ✨🌟✨

Oliver is turning into a chef! Making delicious cakes and even pizza for his tea! He has been making his hands strong breaking up chocolate and playing games and has been keeping fit with his family. Well done Oliver! ✨🌟✨

Jude has retold ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using the repetitive language from the story with his toys at home. Well done Jude! ✨🌟✨

Safah has been doing lots of exploring outside. She found an interesting hole that she thinks might belong to a vole! She has been playing hide and seek, practising her balancing and enjoying splashing in the water, as well as working hard with her number work and sounds. Safah also made a fantastic poster with her brother all about ‘Responsibility’ and put lots of thought into what it means. Well done, great work Safah! ✨🌟✨

Oscar has been having lots of fun with words, playing Scrabble, reading stories, practising his spellings, writing words and putting them into sentences. Super work Oscar! ✨🌟✨

Ruby-Ann has been busy thinking about missing numbers and listening carefully for sounds in words. Well done Ruby-Ann!✨🌟✨

During February, both Oliver and Melissa have celebrated their 5th birthdays! A big happy birthday to you both! 🥳🎉🎁🎂🎈🎂🎁🎉🥳

Mrs West sends all of you her best wishes and is very thankful for all the kind messages of support that you have passed on.

Take care and stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Mrs Farrington, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins

Hello Everyone!

Wow! You have sent in so many wonderful photographs and some films too! A big thank you for these – you are fantastic! Please keep them coming in because Mrs Lloyd, Miss Atkins and I really do love to see how you are all getting on and we can share them with all your friends in Reception.

You are working so hard with your Home Learning Packs, your RWI Daily Lessons and you have been so creative too, spending time on the Traditional Tales activities.

We know you love to dance and have lots of energy and we have put some links for PE and Movement onto our Reception webpage, where you will find Cosmic Kids Yoga, Jump Start Jonny and Cbeebies ballet.

We have already received your first Seesaw activity from you too. Well done Reception! You are superstars!

We can all share in your hard work and creativity right now – take a look at all the beautiful photographs your friends have sent in…..

Safah has been very busy working hard and making a very colourful Incy Wincy Spider. She has also enjoyed playing on her sledge in the snow! We hope lots of you had fun in the snow too.

Safah also celebrated a very special day…Happy Birthday Safah!

From all of your friends, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Atkins and Mrs West.

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Archie has been working so hard on his number order, number formation and pattern and he has been practising his reading too…

Drew has been creating lovely art work…we know you love to paint Drew!

Jenson we love your fantastic models! We can see that you have made your very own story map for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and written the story to match! What beautiful writing! Well done Jenson!

We are sure you will enjoy this wonderful film made by Jenson and his mum as he retells ‘The Three Little Pigs’…

Let’s give Jenson a round of applause!

Clapping Hands GIFs | Tenor

Lucie has been so busy – working hard on her letter and number formation, number order, pattern and reading…

but also being very creative too and making these amazing models…

Thomas has been baking delicious bread, modelling colourful dinosaurs, meeting horses and finding time to be a superhero…go Thomas!

Oliver has thought very carefully about his learning. He has been doing really good thinking – filling in missing numbers, practising his pencil control and his reading and writing. Fantastic work Oliver!

Michael has been enjoying all the different activities in the Home Learning Pack and has been very active too. Michael visited a climbing centre before Christmas and showed how good he is at climbing!

Oscar has enjoyed reading books, practising his letter and number formation, number order and other activities from the Home Learning Pack. He also loves to hear his brother read stories.

Oscar has also enjoyed playing games, going for walks and playing in the snow too! He found some footprints in the snow…and wondered which animals had made them. What do you think?

Here’s Ruby-Ann doing some very good thinking…great work Ruby-Ann!

Whilst you are at home staying safe, it is truly wonderful to be able to see fantastic pictures like these and share how we are all getting on. It is so lovely to speak with your families and hear about what you have been busy doing.

Please remember to send your photographs and videos to our school email:

Like many of you at home, we have been following our topic ‘Traditional Tales’. We have been busy making a big collage of the Gingerbread Man and building a small world model and puppets for retelling the story.

The Gingerbread Man runs so fast that no-one can catch him! Can you remember what he says as he runs away? Who carries him across the river?…

Don’t forget, you can find links for this story and others, together with lots of creative activities for our ‘Traditional Tales’ topic on our Reception webpage.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins

Merry Christmas!

Reception have loved getting ready for Christmas! They have been telling us about their elves and all the mischief they have been getting up to!

The children have been busy posting their Christmas cards and making calendars, cards for their families and beautiful decorations for our Christmas tree…

We enjoyed the story, ‘The Nutcracker’. The children were really interested in the dance of the Sugarplum fairy and so we watched a ballerina perform the dance on the stage. They loved joining in and following her movements and then asked to see other ballet dances. They also loved dancing along with the ballerinas in Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.

The children had a great Christmas party….they absolutely love to dance! Well done Reception! 💃🕺

Santa a sent a message and so we all followed a glitter trail and found some footprints leading to a sack of presents that Santa had left for the children…thank you Santa!

Time to enjoy a rest, a tasty cake and a drink…before some more dancing and games!

Our Christmas Performance

We are incredibly proud of our children. They have worked so hard, practising everyday to learn their songs perfectly and wanting to do their best for their families.

You are truly superstars Reception! 🌟

Please enjoy our Christmas performance…and feel free to join in!! 🎼

We wish you wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins 🎄

Remembering, Celebrating and Helping

Here in Reception, we have been as busy as ever learning and exploring the world around us!


The children really enjoyed learning more about why poppies are so important to us at this time of year. They painted their own beautiful watercolour poppies and worked together to make a fantastic large scale poppy collage.


We learned more about the celebration of Diwali, experimenting and exploring colour and pattern…

…using computer programs to create interesting symmetrical patterns and mendhi patterns…

…experimenting with oil pastels to create mendhi patterns…

and soft pastels to explore rangoli patterns…


The children also enjoyed Children in Need day, understanding more about why and how we can all help others in different ways.

Like so many other children around the country, Reception loved joining in with Joe Wicks…..Go Reception!!

Drawing their own Pudsey bears…

Best wishes and take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins

Spooky Fun!

The children had a great start dressing up in their fantastic Halloween costumes – they looked amazing and really loved meeting up with their classmates after the half term break.

There was a lot of spooky dancing to ’Ghostbusters’ and ‘Monster Mash’.

Rolling, squeezing and pinching play dough to make bats, witches, ghosts, cats and pumpkins.

Just like in our favourite stories ‘Room on the Broom’, ‘Meg and Mog’ and ‘Winnie the Witch’, we mixed amazing potions, counting our ingredients then drawing and writing our spells.

The children used technology to create spooky pumpkins…

Over the week, the children printed pumpkins, painting on scary faces….

Over the week, they also created their very own spooky spider 🕷, using modelling material to roll, squeeze and pinch, thinking about colours, shape and how many eyes and legs their spider would have…

Spider Gallery

Here are their incredible spiders! Each one unique and amazing!

And finally, here are Reception, looking brilliant in their costumes…

The Reception Team thank you all for your fantastic support in making this such an enjoyable time for the children,

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins

Time flies by!

Here in Reception, we have all been so busy! We’ve been exploring the world around us, learning more about number, pattern and shape and enjoying lots of different activities to help with our reading and writing. 

Harvest Artwork

The children have created fantastic art work for Harvest. They used oil pastels to draw beautiful fruit and vegetables, looking carefully and thinking about shape and colour. We are so proud of their hard work!

Harvest Festival Performances

The children were so enthusiastic and keen to practice and then perform their Harvest songs for their families. They looked amazing in their farmer outfits. Thank you all for your fantastic support!

We are sure you will enjoy their wonderful performances of ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and ‘Farmer’s in his Den’! Well done Reception, you are all superstars!

Best wishes and take care,

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Atkins