Into the Woods…

It was a beautiful day to go down to the woods. We talked about how different the woods look now in the Spring. The trees and plants have grown a lot; the grass is very tall and the trees are full of leaves and blossom, giving us shelter and shade.

We went looking for minibeasts and found ants, woodlice, bees, snails and a slug. We also saw spider webs. We talked about being careful when we find them and why these creatures are important to us.

We also discovered this little creature who flew in to meet us…do you know what it might be?

The children found dandelions and talked about when the flower petals turn into seeds and are called ‘clocks’ which then blow away to new soil and grow into flowers again. We blew them and made a wish…

Our topic this term has been ‘Growth’ and one of the stories we have enjoyed is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have imagined what it would be like to climb up a giant beanstalk and what we might find at the top and so whilst at the woods we planted our very own magic beans! The children talked about how we can look after our bean plants, making sure they have water and sun. We wonder how tall they will grow…?

The giant’s chair was found…do you think he will come looking for it?

The children decided to go on a gruffalo hunt…they’ve seen something…what have they found?!

Some clues…a gruffalo footprint and where “he has broken a twig with his purple prickles” whilst rushing past for the mouse, the owl’s feathers “as he swoops down for the mouse” and where the snake has slithered past and left a print…

We enjoyed writing our names in the ground…

We went looking for fairies in the woods at the bottom of the trees where the doors to their homes might be.

We talked about what they might look like…

We loved balancing, climbing and jumping off, landing on both our feet. We were careful to take turns and wait for someone to finish before we had a go.

There was a lot of cooking going on in our dens and kitchens making all kinds of delicious food. We collected what we needed, measured it, poured and stirred. We made sure not to cook our food for just the right time and that it did not get too hot before sharing it with our friends.

There was music…playing different beats on the drum.

We invited our friends into our dens, getting comfy and enjoying each other’s company…

When it was time to go everyone came running at the call – “Back to base camp!” and we talked about all the wonderful things we had seen and done.

What a fantastic time we all had in the woods!

Mrs West, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Calcroft

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